When Lisa Oldham was in the third grade at Pinecrest Elementary school, her teacher gave the class an assignment every Friday afternoon: write a "journal" about what they did over the weekend, for the teacher to read on Monday morning.

One Monday morning, Lisa's teacher read her journal entry about a weekend trip her family had taken to a farm. The teacher was so impressed that she announced Lisa had a "gift" for writing.

Lisa has tried to use that gift ever since. While still at Pinecrest, she and a friend wrote and illustrated a monthly magazine by hand on sheets of notebook paper tied together with string. (Number of subscribers: one.) As a teenager, Lisa wrote columns for mimeographed newsletters read by collectors of model horse figurines. She even wrote a novel about a wild mustang stallion, inspired by her favorite model horse. But, don't look for it at the library: this novel, like the magazine, was also handwritten on notebook paper and bound with string. 

Thankfully, the electronic age of publishing dawned, allowing Lisa to switch from notebook paper to a netbook. Combining her love of writing with a life-long enthusiasm for entertainment, she now authors and maintains The Brettish Empire , the original online fansite about British actor Jeremy Brett; this site, Paul Richards: Special Guest Star; and The Tall Dark Stranger There..., a blog about Jack Kelly, "that Maverick actor and more".

Lisa has attended several writing conferences and in 2010 was a featured guest on the "Three Wise Girls" podcast on Blog Talk Radio, where she discussed her online writing platform. In 2011, rare photos from Lisa's Jack Kelly "Kellection" were published in the print biography A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story by Linda Alexander.

Lisa is currently working on preliminary research for a biography of actor Paul Richards. She hopes it will be her first book that isn't published on lined three-hole punched paper.